About Right English

For polished prose, appropriate and compelling style, and clear communication, Right English provides the service you need.

My Credentials

My name is Dan Gee. I am a highly qualified native English speaker. I have:

  • 14 years experience of teaching English
  • 13 years experience writing English for government policies, speeches, and legislation
  • 12 years experience of English in business contexts
Right English is an international service. I can help if you are reworking your resume for a new career move, setting up a website in English anywhere in the world, giving an important PowerPoint presentation, submitting papers to a university or requiring quality assurance for vital project documents. I am based in Oxford, UK, and I am well located for submitting dissertations, theses and other papers to Oxford University.
I offer a fully comprehensive service comprising:
Editing – for stylistic and presentational improvements
I provide a quick turn-around time on documents, clear prices, and speedy replies to customer enquiries. My testimonials show the high regard for my work by customers. I am a member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP). Additionally, I have a good knowledge of Russian and can handle requests and communication in Russian where needed.

*As required, for an additional charge


Toby has a hard earned reputation with our customers for going above and beyond to help them, whatever their needs. Having gained a great deal of experience over the last 15 years, Toby brings a high level of commitment to excellence to all of the work which he undertakes. His track record and the demand from our customers to work with him again speak for themselves.