Services & Prices


My proof-reading and editing service aims to improve the quality of your written English significantly so that you can feel confident with the final look and language of your written work – whether this is for the academic or business world.

Use the contact form to explain the work you would like to have done, and include your preferred timescales.

Once the work has been agreed you will see the final product within the time specified, including any additional service, such as physical binding of papers.


I charge based on word count. The price varies depending on the type of work required, taking into account the complexity and/or technicality of the subject matter. The base price is £12 per thousand words or 1.2 pence per word, up to a maximum of £15 per thousand or 15 pence per word. The base price for a 15,000 word dissertation would be £180, with a maximum payable of £225 (excluding any agreed fee for urgent priority work). Additional non-editing work, such as binding or submitting is charged separately. Commercial work, for example the editing of newsletters, mailshots, brochures and so on will be charged at an hourly rate of £28 per hour.

All work is payable in pounds sterling.

When your document is received I will give you a confirmed price.


Payment can be made by bank transfer, PayPal, or althernative method, such as Western Union.


All customer documents will be permanently and securely deleted within one calendar month by default. If you wish your document deleted sooner or held for a longer period please let me know.